Breast Cancer

Radiation Therapy Reinvented

Our Lumina24 Radiation Therapy is a new concept based on “CLIPT” (Continuous Low Intensity Photodynamic Therapy).
RSI has invented and patented this new IP to treat a variety of maladies.

Better Outcomes

The core idea is to achieve better remedial efficacy with less collateral damage by using a lower level of irradiance over a longer period of time.
Unlike conventional high intensity radiation which is limited to one treatment course administered in minutes the Lumina24 therapy can be applied for as long as 24 hours at a time, and can be repeated over weeks, months or years delivering these Better “Outcomes.”

  • Superior Remedial Results
  • Less Pain for the Patient
  • Less Burning and Scarring

How it Works

Our proprietary delivery system (“Kit”) is comprised of a power source and optical device, a fiber optic cable, and an innovative light “patch”. The irradiance is modulated by the optical device to deliver non-ionizing radiation at a lower level of intensity (low frequency) for longer periods.
Because the radiation is not harmful, it can be utilized for as long as 24 hours at a time.


Expert Opinion

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