Rogers Sciences has developed a new technology using photomodulation light therapy designed to provide a solution to diseases that currently have no effective therapy.

Treatment is delivered by a bandage that emits narrow band light, harnessing Lumina24™ BLU Technology for chronic wounds and Lumina24™ RED, deployed with a tumor-sensitizing medication, for managing cutaneous metastases of breast cancer.


Skin Safe Biocompatibility

Lumina24™ BLU activates naturally occuring chromophores in bacteria, targeting foreign cells without affecting healthy human tissue



In light of the over prescription of pharmaceuticals, the increase in drug resistant pathogens, and the side effects of conventional therapies on a patient’s quality of life, conventional treatments face serious challenges.


A Solution to MDROs

Lumina24™ BLU has been proven to be effective against multiple drug resistant organisms. Lumina24™ BLU is antimicrobial therapy without pharmaceuticals.



Rogers Sciences has brought together a wide range of technical and clinical expertise to invent new solutions around the Lumina24™ platform. Photomodulation light therapy is being evaluated for treating cancer and reducing the bioburden in chronic wounds.


The Silicone Advantage

The surface of the Lumina24™ platform is a non-adhering silicone that comes off cleanly without trauma or chemical leaching



An Ambulatory Cancer Therapy

RSI’s initial product, Lumina24™ RED, is a device-drug combination therapy using a photosensitizing agent to activate treatment. Lumina24™ RED uses continuous low-irradiance photodynamic therapy to target cutaneous breast cancer metastases.

Lumina24™ RED achieves the positive outcomes of traditional PDT without burning or scarring of healthy tissue by delivering the same amount of energy over a longer time period using low irradiance, photomodulated light waves.

Antimicrobial Wound Care

Building upon RSI’s initial technology, Lumina24™ BLU enters the wound care space with an antimicrobial therapy. The Lotus module platform used for Lumina24™ RED is scaled up to form the Lotus Grid, a blanket the perfect size for delivering treatment to large burns and chronic injuries. 

Lumina24™ BLU technology is a pharmaceutical free therapy targeting microbial colonization and multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) within the dressing of chronic wounds.



National Partnerships

RSI is proud to partner with experts in their fields across the country, pioneering the applications of photomodulation light therapy. We have clinical trials running at several sites in the Boston area.


Lumina24™ RED

Lumina24™ RED is in a phase II clinical trial at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Dana Farber Cancer institute.

Lumina24™ BLU

The newest clinical trial is a phase I/II safety and efficacy study for Lumina24™ BLU technology accruing patients at Shriners Children Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.




Sam Hill, CEO
Mr. Hill has over 20 years of experience in the field of bio-optical engineering and developing hybrid-modality illumination devices. Mr. Hill has an M.S. from MIT and an M.S. in Optical Engineering from the University of Arizona.

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