An Ambulatory Cancer Therapy

RSI’s initial product, Lumina24™ RED, is a device-drug combination therapy using a photosensitizing agent to activate treatment. Lumina24™ RED uses continuous low-irradiance photodynamic therapy to target cutaneous breast cancer metastases.

Lumina24™ RED achieves the positive outcomes of traditional PDT without burning or scarring of healthy tissue by delivering the same amount of energy over a longer time period using low irradiance, photomodulated light waves.

Antimicrobial Wound Care

Building upon RSI’s initial technology, Lumina24™ BLU enters the wound care space with an antimicrobial therapy. The Lotus module platform used for Lumina24™ RED is scaled up to form the Lotus Grid, a blanket the perfect size for delivering treatment to large burns and chronic injuries. 

Lumina24™ BLU technology is a pharmaceutical free therapy targeting microbial colonization and multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) within the dressing of chronic wounds.